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Knitting Needles Circular 2.25mmx23cm Metal

  • Item #: 16211
    Product: Knitting Needles Circular 2.25mmx23cm Metal
    Packaging: Hangsell
    Qty: 1 pc
    Size: 2.25 mm x 23 cm
    Colour/Design: Metal
    Inner: 10
    Status: Stock Available
    • Use for sleeves, caps and bodies for children’s sweater.
    • Great for socks and mitten.
    • Seamless garment
    • No need to alternate knit and purl rows
    • Less stress on your hands and wrists as the needles will carry only a portion of working stitches.
    • Discreet and portable compared to single pointed straight needles. You can knit comfortably in confines spaces such as bus, train etc.
    • Give you added flexibility in single row colour combinations on flat pieces.

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