Lucy the Lamb

22 cm (8¾ in)

FACE, EARS, FEET 1 x 100g ball Sullivans Acrylic Knitting Yarn 8 ply No. 90105 Dusty Pink
1 pr each x Sullivans 3.0mm (US 2-3, UK 11),4.0mm (US 6, UK 8)

Acrylic Fibrefill.
Embroidery Floss in dark brown.

26sts = 10cm
To help you keep track of your rows, mark your “knit row” needle with yarn or a row counter.

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(KP) means K1, P1 into next st.

With 4mm needles and White cast on 50 sts.
Knit 1 row. Working in stkg-st inc 1 st beg of next 8 rows.(58 sts). Work 8 rows straight. Dec 1 st beg of next 8 rows. (50 sts) Work in stkg-st for another 4 rows. (12 cm from beg)
Inc for Neck. Cast on 3 sts beg of next 8 rows.(74 sts) Work 4 rows without shaping. Inc 1 st beg of next 2 rows. Work another 4 rows. (18 cm from beg) Cast off.

With 4mm needles and White cast on 12 sts. Work 20 rows stkg-st. Dec 1 st beg of next 4 rows (8 sts) Cast off.

EARS(Make 2)
(M1 = Pick up thread between the 2 sts with right hand needle. Transfer it to the left needle and then K into the back of it.)
With 3mm needles and Dusty Pink 8ply, cast on 3 sts. K 1 row.(2nd Row) Sl 1, P2. (3rd Row) K1, (M1, K1) twice. (4th Row) Sl 1, P to end. (5th Row) K1, M1, K to last st. M1, K1. Rep Rows 4 + 5 (3 times) (13 sts) Work 12 rows in stkg-st, slipping the first st in each row.. Dec 1 st beg of next 7 rows. K2 tog twice, pass 1 st over the other. Bind off. Neaten the edges of the ears with buttonhole st.

LEGS (Make 4)
With 4mm needles and White Yarn cast on 20 sts. Work 10 rows stkg-st. Change to 3mm needles and Dusty Pink, work 10 more rows. Cast off.

Sew the top seam of the body only. With safety pins mark 8 cms down on either side of the seam. With the help of a crochet hook pick up 18 sts either side, onto 4mm needles. (If picking up from Right to Left, have the right side facing. If picking up from Left to Right have the wrong side facing.) K 1 row. (1st Row) K32, turn. (2nd Row). K28, turn. (3rd Row) K24, turn. (4th Row) K 20, turn. (5th Row) K16, turn. (6th Row)K12, turn. (7th Row) K8, turn. Knit 2 rows. With 3mm needles and Dusty Pink 8ply, work face.
(Wrong side) P 2 rows. K 1 row. Cont in reverse stkg-st dec 1 st beg of next 4 rows. (1st Dec Row) P11, P2 tog, P6, P2 tog, P11 Work straight for 3 more rows. (2nd Dec Row) P10, P2 tog, P6, P2 tog, P10 Work 1 row straight. (3rd Dec Row) (P3, P2 tog) (5 times) P3 (4th Dec Row) (K2, K2 tog) (5 times) K3 (5th Dec Row) (P2 tog)(9 times) Cast off

Sew up Body, leaving an opening for turning and stuffing. Attach legs and ears. Embroider features with Embroidery Floss.


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